Grassroots Skeptics Winding Down

Slightly more than three years after it was conceived, and slightly less than three years after it was launched, Grassroots Skeptics is ending its life as an active project. Generating useful output has gotten increasingly difficult over the last year. The demands of my career and my work on Skeptically Speaking have limited the amount of time I’ve had to spend on it. My efforts to recruit partners for new projects haven’t been fruitful. Finally, the increasingly bitter and divisive struggles happening within skepticism as a movement have exerted a serious downward pressure on my motivation to stay involved.

After several months of sometimes painful deliberation, I can no longer maintain the pretense that Grassroots Skeptics continues to serve a useful purpose. Rather than allow it to founder, I’d prefer that it make a reasonably graceful exit. As of June 15, updates to the website and our various social media outlets will officially end. When the URL comes up for renewal, I will allow it to lapse.

If you have contributed content to Grassroots Skeptics, in the form of a blog post or other resource, you are welcome to reuse it for your own purposes. If you’re not sure how to locate something that you’ve submitted, please leave a comment or contact me by email, and I will try to help you retrieve it.

I want to thank all of the skeptics and organizers who offered their support and encouragement. Thank you to everyone who shared our posts, joined our contact lists, suggested a resource, submitted a guest blog post, or signed up to participate in our Speakers Bureau. Extra special thanks are owed to Jen Myers, Patrick Jerome and Joey Haban; their contribution as volunteers was immeasurable by any existing instrument.

Finally, thank you to all those people who are still doing good work, sharing the values of reason and critical thinking. I hope that your efforts are rewarded with meaningful change.