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The End

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To all our friends,

As you probably have noticed, there’s been no activity on this page for over 6 months. In light of that, CORICast will now be a very pleasant memory. You’ll still be able to find our most recent episodes on iTunes, and this website will remain up, along with all our published episodes for an undetermined period of time, should you wish to download them.

It’s time to officially shut this down. Again, we thank you very much for listening to us. We had loads of fun, and we hope you did too.

Please direct any questions to

All the best,


iTunes Link:

Greetings, all! Here’s your CORICast for April 14, 2011:

David reviews yet another smoking gun from the Roswell coverup, and finds a distinct lack of smoke. Chad finds a preserve in Vietnam designed to protect the rare, but real, Asian Unicorn. Mark is currently embroiled in someone else’s legal woes, and was unavailable for the podcast. All part of a typical day in CORICast, I suppose. Oh, and are you coming to Ohio Skepticamp?

Behold: Space Unicorn!

Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

Hello, faithful listeners! Here’s your CORICast for Thursday, March 31 2011!

Mark does a bit of a Spring Cleaning for the Skeptic Mind with Wikipedia’s list of Common Misconceptions. David answers the question, “What do you get when you cross Harry Potter and Backdraft?” An electric wand that can put out fires.

Chad is recovering from a touch of illness, and we hope he gets better soon. Sasquatch misses him.


Greetings, one and all! Here’s your CORICast for February 17 2011!

Mark returns with an article on the next big thing in flu treatment – Big Snake Mak. David shows us that scary headline statistics are really just as boring as his presentations. Finally, Chad finds that Romanian psychics are soon to be held accountable for their predictions.

Guess they didn’t see that one coming. (Ba-dump-bump…)

See you in two weeks!

With Mark taking a break, Chad and David bring you your CORICast for February 3, 2011.

David discusses the ins and outs of Crying Statues, and Chad brings us a new mode of transportation – the water powered jet pack.


Happy Holidays, Everyone! Here’s your CORICast for December 28, 2010

With Mark away on Holiday, David discusses the science behind Santa, and recounts the case of one Dr. Arafiles, and the new developments surrounding it. Chad staves off a panic attack by not taking deep breaths, and offers up a logical fallacy in the shape of… the Pope?

Finally, we present part 2 of our interview with Maj. Tanya Markow, and her experience flying the first airplanes ever made. No, seriously.

Have a great New Year’s Eve, and we’ll see you next year!

Greetings, Listeners! Here’s your CORICast for November 29, 2010.

This week, we have none other than the Healthy Addict herself, Ashley Paramore as our guest! We talk about about the crossroads between Skepticism and Atheism, and what each group brings to the table.

Mark discusses a lady from Toledo who would rather die than treat her cancer. David adds another moon to our living, breathing universe, this time, with an oxygen atmosphere included. Chad brings a trio of topics to the fore, or three… Mice aging backwards, a cinnamon spice – gold nanoparticle recipe, and the universe’s ultimate recycling program.

Finally, we finish up with another game, courtesy of Mark. It’s a packed episode this week, and we hope you enjoy it.