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Greetings!  Here’s your CORICast for April 28 2011!

Mark reviews Dr. Steven Novella’s segment on the Dr. Oz show, Chad finds out that it isn’t just unicorns pooping rainbows, and David spends a little time in the salt mines.

Thanks for listening.

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Greetings folks. We apologize for the recent delays in posting. The file sharing service we use to transfer everything around has been acting up. We’re looking for alternatives. :-) That said, here’s the scare-fest that is CORICast for March 17, 2011.

Never one to shirk his official duties as CORICast’s Head Zombie Ranger, Chad provides us with some real life zombies to creep everyone out. As if you weren’t scared enough yet, Mark points out some resource shortages that are sure to grab your attention. And if the zombie apocalypse doesn’t get you, David points out that the robot uprising is just around a tight corner.

Vigilance! (And really cool science…)

Greetings, all! Please enjoy your latest episode of CORICast, recorded March 3rd, 2011.

We decided, due to awesomeness, to preempt the entire show with our interview for this week: Dr. Greg Mack, Professor of Astrophysics from Ohio Wesleyan University! Greg joins us to talk a bit about the sciences of astronomy and physics, including topics like black holes, string theory, and his personal research with dark matter.


What’s that sneaking up round the corner?  It’s your CORICast for January 24, 2011!

Mark leads us off with a little coffee, or rather tells us how coffee isn’t as bad for you as some will say.  Chad reminds us not to panic about the upcoming Betelgeuse supernova (hint: we’re not gonna fry), and David rambles on for a bit about the efficiency of split-cycle engines.  We also have a letter this week from Todd Jacob, a local pilot and Chemtrail debunker, who points out that we’re a little behind the times with our high-speed Santa Claus, and Quantum Santa is where it’s at.

CORICast will be changing schedules soon.  Due to outside work scheduling, our release dates will be moving from Friday, to Monday – so instead of starting your weekends with us, we can give you something to look forward to on Mondays, instead! Our next show is scheduled to be released on Monday, February 7th, so we hope you keep listening. :-)

Keep the emails coming in everyone – we really enjoy the feedback, and always look forward to hearing from you.  You can address your correspondence to:

Enjoy the show!

Greetings, listeners!  Thanks for joining us for 2011!  We hope to bring you even more skeptical goodness this year.  With that, onward with your CORICast for January 11, 2011!

Mark discusses how music can trigger the same ‘happy rush’ (a.k.a. dopamine) that you get with chocolate.  Chad pines, as we all do, for space travel, but finds out that it’s going to take a very long time to amass the energy required.  David throws his hat in the ring for a shot at Andrew Wakefield. Lastly, Chad and David finally show their true genius, or at least an exceptional guessing ability, in one of Mark’s games.

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Here’s the latest episode of CORICast, recorded December 14, 2010.

Mark “The SharK” Plaid discusses some recent shark attacks off the coast of Egypt, while Chad gives us the appropriate conspiracy theory surrounding it. Dave thinks the sharks are just reacting to the Flouride in the water.

Our interview this week is the first of a two-parter, with Major Tanya Markow, a PhD student at Georgia tech. She covers the research behind the Mobile Music Touch program, and some of it’s potential applications in rehabilitation for Quadriplegics.


Here’s the latest episode of CORICast, recorded November 15, 2010.

A subject we just can’t cover enough: Mark speaks sooth about an example where the personal choice not to vaccinate, hurts others. Chad makes his triumphant return and rounds up the news of the week with stories on some extreme animal modifications, using trees as streetlights, and using genetic evidence.

Dave had a broken mic, but should be back on the 29th, if FedEx has anything to do with it.

Skavoovee, y’all.

Greetings, Listeners!  Welcome to the latest episode of CORICast, dated November 1, 2010.

Hot on the heels of Halloween, Dave reviews a few ‘Ghost Photographs’ from before the days of Photoshop. Mark debunks a few myths about candy consumption, and wonders, does candy have an expiration date?  Finally, we spend some time with Kim 1 of Negative Entropy!  She stops by to discuss their blog, involvement in the skeptical community, and her recent visit to the Universal Light Expo.

Sasquatch Remix! :-)

Thanks for listening.

Hello again, Listeners!  Here’s our latest recording of CORICast, for October 19 2010.

With Chad off on a training mission this week, David complains about the battery life on his phone, but gives us some hope about some new technology for increasing the capacity of Lithium Ion batteries. Mark provides some commentary regarding President Obama’s involvement with the Mythbusters, and discusses what T-Rex and Hannibal Lecter have in common.


Greetings, all y’all…  Here’s your CORICast for September 30, 2010.

We’re finally getting caught up on all the stuff we have to clear from our plates.  With luck, and a little elbow grease, there should be another episode posted by this weekend, and we’re also in the process of setting up an interview or two, so stay tuned!