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This is only the current roster of speakers. Unfortunately, we’ve run out of time and space, and this has to stand for now. We do have an unofficial wait list, and if you want to be on it, just drop me a line at

Speaker Name Topic
Elyse Anders Leading the Skepchick Panel!
Carr2d2 Joining the panel!
Surly Amy Joining the panel!
Jen Myers Joining the Panel!
Bug Girl Joining the Panel!
Rebecca Watson Joining the panel via Skype!
Hemant Mehta How the Religious Right went after me… and lost!
Jennifer McCreight Forced to cancel due to grad school interview (good luck!)
Buffy Baggott Opera Woo
Matt Lowry Bringing Skepticism into the Physics Classroom
Don Riefler Cults and Misogyny: The Saga of Warriorschool
Rob Gilham-Westerman Unknown
Julie Lada Vet Recommended
Jennifer Newport Communicating Science-Based Medicine–It’s Not Just the Facts, Ma’am, Even for a Skeptic
Jamie Bernstein Human Irrationality: Why You’re All Stupid
Hilary Nelson Defensive Consumerism: Pseudoscience and the Saltless Water Conditioner
Tom Foss Skepticism and Teaching
Adam Slagell Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt: The Pillars of Justification for Cyber Security
Glenn Davis Critical Thinking and the Self-Help Movement or Skeptical Parenting
Phil Ferguson Skeptic Money
Ken Novak Congregations for Atheists
Robin Ferguson Alternative Meds, Media and Stigma: The Role of Skepticism in Mental Health
Debbie Goddard Diversity and the Freethought Movement
Who Forted Fraud in the Paranormal Community
William Brinkman A live reading from The Bolingbrook Babbler

And last but not least, we can’t forget Tense Kids, our official Skepchicamp House Band!

So, if you want in, just drop me a line. That e-mail, again, is

Suddenly I feel kind of like Mr. Plow.