SkeptiCamp Ohio 2011


What Is SkeptiCamp?

SkeptiCamp is a new kind of BarCamp, a conference whose content is provided by attendees. Where BarCamp is focused on technology, SkeptiCamp instead focuses on topics of interest to skeptics, including science, critical thinking and skeptical inquiry. For full details, including a listing of other camps being organized, visit the SkeptiCamp wiki.

Have there been other SkeptiCamps in Ohio?

Yes, we held SkeptiCamps in Columbus both for 2009 and 2010.

Why are you charging to attend?

While our first two events were free, we had our share of problems organizing and insuring attendance with a free event. This year, we’re trying a different format. All registration fees will be used to cover the cost of renting the event space, providing food and maintaining our host group.

Can I volunteer to help?

Absolutely! We will need help promoting and running the event itself. Contact the organizers in you’re interested.